About Me

Love to take photographs of people, mostly portrait and fine-art nudes.  

For me photography is a collaboration between a model and a photographer...Without one of us there would be no pictures! 

I see the body as a sculpture/form. Together we can create this sculpture; you with your body, figure and physique and I with the use of lights and colours


I love to create images and have being doing so for the last 50 years, although this has mostly been focused on landscape images. Recently I have fallen in love with the art form of portraits and fine-art nude images. 


I am living in Gothenburg Sweden. I have a home studio but have no problem to take me out to different outdoor environments for take pictures. In outdoor i prefer take pictures of people in forest, lakes, mountains.

a photographic collaboration for me

I see a collaboration of fine art photography as being created by 2 people, the model and the photographer. Without one of us there would be no image. Therefore, I see the model and I as one part of two in the project, both with an equal voice from the beginning of the process until the final image. Though I get many new ideas when I first meet a model I prefer that you as the model are involved in the planning from the beginning so we can form the content of the shoot together ensuring the best possible images are captured.

During the shoot nothing will go ahead without your permission or consent, when or if I need to make changes in something deviating from our original plan, I will always ask you as the model first, to ensure you feel comfortable with the changes I would like to make.

Upon completion of the shoot, I will give you the unedited JPG copies of all the images in a dropbox folder. Then together we can choose which pictures we wish to edit and publish. I wish my models also to be involved in this process, to ensure we are both happy with the images picked. I do not publish any pictures without your permission, and if I want to publish any of the other pictures at a later date I will always ask for your permission first. The same also applies to you - If you later  want to use another image than those we originally chose, please just ask and I will send you the picture and edit it for you as quickly as possible. After all, all the pictures are a result of our collective work. 

Furthermore, I can assist you in capturing images of your own ideas or if you wanted to try something new for your portfolio.

And of course I help you if you want pictures of your own ideas, something you haven't try before.

I can also print large copies of pictures if needed.

I don't like to take unplanned pictures. 

I do not have a large studio but I will always endeavour in some way to create a private space for you.

I always try to keep the heat of the room optimal when shooting.

And of course, as much as possible during the shoot, I try to avoid to be in front of the camera, my place is behind ensuring the model is captured at their best.

When I take portrait images it is always TFP. However, when I take Fine-Art Nude images it depends. If you ask to shoot with me it is as TFP,  but if I approach you, and you are a professional model who works for pay I will pay and will never negotiate your fee stated on your profile/portfolio. If I cannot afford to hire you now, I will ask to return to you when I can afford it.

other little things

Let me know if you have any allergies

I am vegan and during the day I always have fruit and other vegan snacks and beverages (I always try to get them organic and fairtrade).  If I make you lunch or dinner you will be given vegan food, but not to worry as no one leaves my home hungry!

If you as a model have any other requirements then please don't hesitate to let me know. If it feels right for me and if I can fix it, I will do it.

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